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Fenland Volunteer Bureau has been a charity

no. 803237 for nearly 30 years - operating as

Volunteer Centre Fenland (VCF)

 VCF is committed to the promotion and development of volunteering to benefit the people of Fenland – working with individuals and community groups, as well as voluntary and statutory agencies by providing:  

Brokerage (matching volunteers to volunteer organisations):

We administer 800 volunteering opportunities for nearly 187 organisations for Chatteris; March; Whittlesey; Wisbech; and the villages and parishes throughout the district. Our partners include the Ferry Project; Rosmini Centre and Volunteer Centres Ely & District; Fenland; Huntingdonshire; Peterborough; and Royston.  



The attachments below include back issues of It Can't Be magazine.

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It Can't Be Magazine For Young People


The attachments above include back issues of It Can't Be magazine, which is written and produced by 18 - 25 year olds for young people. Click on links above to view.

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